Brent Littlefield

The front page of the Washington Post Election Day edition described Brent Littlefield as “a baby-faced 27-year-old campaign veteran who works his cell phone as he drives from the northern coast of Massachusetts to the rolling hills of rural Pennsylvania.”

That was 1998; and Littlefield had already worked on Capitol Hill and for multiple federal and state level candidates.

Now, as President of Littlefield & Associates Consulting, his clients include Governors, Members of Congress, job-creating businesses and national organizations.

In an Associated Press profile, published under headlines “adviser’s savvy helped win election,” and “political wiz,” Littlefield was credited with the victory of Governor Paul LePage of Maine.  At the time LePage was the only republican governor in all of new england. Littlefield not only created the campaign’s strategy but also handled the media, mail, grassroots and phone programs that drove LePage to a 21-point victory in a seven-way primary and a substantial win in the general election.  Littlefield remains the Senior Political Advisor to the Governor.

Littlefield helped elect Congressman Jeff Landry to Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District — a district that had only elected two new Republicans since 1885. Landry defeated Louisiana’s former House Speaker and National Guard Adjunct General by 14 points in the primary and by 31 points in the runoff, before garnering more than sixty percent of the vote against the Democratic nominee in the general election.

In 2014 Littlefield re-elected LePage in the most-targeted gubernatorial election in america, gaining LePage the most gubernatorial votes in the history of the state.  On the same night he also elected Congressman Bruce Poliquin to a Congressional District which had not been held by a Republican for two decades.

Littlefield has worked as a paid consultant on the campaigns of three of the nation’s current Republican Governors, for a current member of the United States Senate, several members of Congress, along with multiple State Senators, State Representatives, elected statewide and local judges and other officials throughout the country.

He has received  both Gold and Silver American Association of Political Consultants “Pollie” Awards and a national Reed Award from Campaigns and Elections Magazine.

For more than 25 years Littlefield has worked in politics and public policy.

At a young age, Brent started in broadcasting — working as a radio personality; television producer; and, later, as a local NBC network affiliate employee.  Those experiences led to involvement with campaigns and he was hired to work on the State Senate Republican Caucus efforts in his home state.

That work led Littlefield to join Governor John McKernan’s successful re-election campaign, as he directed efforts in three communities where the campaign plan predicted heavy losses, but where he produced wins despite facing a voter registration deficit of nearly two-to-one. He also led the last-minute ballot access effort for Congresswoman Olympia Snowe’s successful U. S. Senate campaign. Additionally, Littlefield served as the Communications and Political Director for the future Maine State Senate President’s campaign for Congress and staffed the State Senate campaign of the Assistant Republican Leader of the Maine State House.

Brent then served on the Congressional staff of Rep. Jim Longley in Washington. The following year he directed Longley’s re-election campaign ground efforts — a race that was a playing-field for attack ads from national union and liberal-affiliated organizations.

That experience led Littlefield to join the nation’s small business advocacy association NFIB — the National Federation of Independent Business, where he worked to level the playing field for pro-small business candidates. He helped build a network of business owners as well as increased and directed PAC spending. He also led the NFIB’s national media effort to promote IRS tax code reform.

In 2000, Littlefield co-founded the firm Political Solutions. For nearly eight years he helped build the firm’s client roster to include the Republican National Committee Fred Thompson for President, three Republican U.S. Senators, several Republican Members of Congress, state Republican caucus committees, the National Association of Home Builders, Americans for Job Security, the NFIB, and many state and local office holders.

Through Political Solutions he helped direct NFIB’s large program of independent issues expenditures. He built coalitions for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s successful campaign and elected a Republican African-American woman, Judge Cheryl Lynn Allen, statewide to the Pennsylvania Superior Court winning the primary and general elections. He also continued his work in Maine by electing 10 new Senators in just one State Senate election cycle, more than doubling the size of the Republican caucus.

During his time with Political Solutions he was the recipient of numerous Pollie Awards from the American Association of Political Consultants for his creative work on behalf of Republican candidates and conservative-leaning associations.

In the 2008 election cycle, he created Littlefield Consulting and worked with the RNC and multiple Members of Congress. Littlefield also served as a consultant for the American Conservative Union, the nation’s largest center-right organization whose foundation sponsors CPAC annually.

Brent has been sought by leading publications, television networks and magazines as an analyst and commentator. He has appeared on the national FOX News Channel, MSNBC, in the pages of the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, the Reader’s Digest, the Miami Herald, Charlotte Observer, Boston Globe and on numerous radio shows. He has been cited as a source in all three Capitol Hill newspapers: Politico, Roll Call and The Hill. He has also appeared in Campaigns & Elections magazine.

Littlefield has been a guest lecturer at the Leadership Institute and at American University’s Center for Presidential and Congressional Studies. He is a member of the National Association of Republican Campaign Professionals (NARCP), a former member of the Republican State Committee of Maine and a former Board Member of the Maine State Society.

He has lived throughout his home state of Maine and for a short time in both Charlotte, N.C. and Seattle, WA. He currently resides in the greater Washington, DC area with his wife Gretchen, who serves as President of InfoGroup Nonprofit where she assists large, national non-profits with their fundraising and marketing campaigns.  He is a Political Science graduate of the University of Maine where he served as Student Government President.

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